A few basics-

I am available for Outcall and Incall as noted above. I am not available for socializing outside of my appointments listed on the 'Intimacies' page. Please do not create an awkward situation for us both by making requests that are not available.

So sorry but I cannot accommodate clothing requests and am not available for appointments with women or couples-no exceptions. I dress casually when going to an outcall appointment and change into something more appropriate once we are settled. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Gossip or speaking ill of others is not okay with me...I love a good story but please be discreet and upbeat in your sharing. I will not discuss our encounter with others and expect that you will keep the details of our conversation private as well.

Chrissy, do you offer Incall?

As indicated at the top of the page.

I thought we had an appointment, what happened?

Yowza! This doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Do not assume we have an appointment if we have not actually set an appointment and had a successful confirmation call.

Make sure we have an agreed upon specific appointment time and an agreed upon specific time frame for a confirmation call. Asking me if I am available around some vague time on a day next week does not constitute an appointment. And a failed confirmation call due to tech or timing issues doesn't help either.

We are all at the mercy of our schedules and technology and can only do our best to talk when we have agreed. Issues are rare, but like I said, they do happen. I'd hate for us to miss each other!

Do you have same day appointments?

Yes...as they are available. Of course, planning ahead is always best when we are able, but sometimes a little last minute distraction can change your entire day! Give me a call and see what happens!


Chrissy, do you &%a#3*;?

I find questions like this not only moronic but offensive. Discretion and manners are greatly appreciated.

I'm in a meeting, can I text you?

Gosh, as fun as that sounds, uh, no. If you text me your message will automatically be diverted to a junk folder unless we know each other. And if we do know each other, please keep it brief and of a scheduling nature. A simple 'hello' will not be responded to.

Why haven't I heard back from you?

It's most likely you left a message along the lines of, "If you're available today/tonight/etc, please call me." If I am not available then I will NOT assume it's okay to call you anyway.

And it is rare, but possible, that your message was not appropriate and would never be responded to. And a gentle reminder...I do not respond to texting, a simple  'Hi', or other contact that isn't of a scheduling nature.

Lastly, being a solopreneur in this endeavor, at times I do get a bit overwhelmed and get a little behind in my communications. It is helpful when you let me know that I can call at my earliest convenience.

What should I bring?

Just your handsome self and any libations you may want to enjoy:) The necessities I will have covered.

Can you send me some pictures?

No. The only purpose of me providing pictures is for you to have a fair idea of my appearance.

Do you work with a friend?

Not until she moves back to Cleveland ;}

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