My Approach

I am a feminine, sexual being and love being treated as such. Many gentlemen I know become lovers and friends often asking for my thoughts or simply just talking to me about their lives or business. I go to great lengths to ensure your utmost discretion and anything that takes place between us, remains as such.

I conduct myself professionally and with pride in order for my clients to take me seriously! I am friendly, fun, cheeky, easy to get along with and I give an outstanding service and I do not indulge in drugs and do not condone the use of drugs in my presence as I want the best possible experience all around! I derive pleasure from your pleasure, just as you would from mine.

My Story            

I am educated at the graduate level, divorced and have remained happily single, I have traveled extensively to various destinations around the world and have savored many experiences. My profession allows me to see things as they are and I have a profound knowledge, wisdom and respect of life and the diverse people within it. My upbringing and experiences allow me to converse with anyone, on any topic no matter what their background, profession, culture or heritage.

I enjoy sexual intimacy at every level and I guess you could say I have a passion for it! I read books on sexual psychology and techniques and have done a lot of investigation in order to enjoy the best possible experience!

Considering all the above, I am the perfect companion for anyone that is like-minded. Physically, I have soft, flawless skin. My eyes are bright green and some have said they are naughty, seductive, playful, compassionate and beautiful. My lips are soft and beautifully formed for a perfect kiss. My breasts are firm, supple and of larger than average size. My figure is of hourglass proportions and I am athletic and enjoy the outdoors. I'm usually a blonde, though sometimes venture as a brunette. I maintain my body with great care and ensure I am always clean, manicured and as flawless as nature allows me to be.

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