Outcall Area Expanded!!!

Good morning, sexy! I thought I’d send you a quick note about something you’ve been asking for ♥️

I’ve decided to expand my outcall range to within 30 minutes,or so, of downtown Cleveland. This will include some eastern, western, and southern suburbs now. And just because an area falls within,or just out of, the 30-minute range it does not mean I will or will not schedule with you. We can discuss details about your location when you call to schedule.

If you are in a private residence the verification wll obviously be a little more detailed for our mutual comfort.

I am an early riser, so late night appointments are not an option for me. 10pm  being the latest start time. (it’s a bit of a myth that providers stay up all night hoping someone will call! Especially the good ones!  We need sleep just like everyone else 🤗)

The further away you are from downtown, then the earlier we can get together the better. As always, it’s best to call a day ahead to schedule our encounter. Emails are fine but a call is still required. I do not schedule by text.

Hope to see you soon, lover 🥰