So many changes…

It’s been a year of change…for all of us from what I’m hearing! And we take the good with the bad and keep on rolling. Enjoying the little things…and each other. I’ll continue to be doing mostly outcall for the foreseeable future. I’ll let you know when that changes. My schedule has lightened up a bit so I won’t be so slippery when you try to reach me. If you’d like to get together the methods haven’t changed. Email and then we can chat on the phone…or just give me a call. But I still don’t get the thinking behind and all day text-a-thon when something could have been arranged in a short phone call. So no texting, please.

Call anytime to schedule between 2pm and 11pm.

Please take a moment to review my site so things go smoothly for us. I’ll see you very soon!


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